Explore Historic Newport, Oregon

Newport Oregon

Famous Yaquina Bay bridge spanning Coast Highway 101

Nestled on the central coast of Oregon you’ll find the quaint fishing town of Newport. Home of the western fleet for NOAA, Newport is also a Commercial fishing mecca, where ships enter the bay daily under our famous Yaquina Bay bridge which spans Coast Hwy 101. Commercial vessels bring in their live catch daily for the absolute freshest dining experience you could imagine.

Fresh fish is not only in our restaurants, climb aboard one of Newport’s charter boat services and enjoy the experience of reeling in your own Tuna, King Salmon, Halibut and Dungeness crab for a home cooked feast right at your motorhome. And if fishing is not on the plan for the day, maybe a Whale watching excursion or just a stroll down Bayfront Street to watch our Sea Lions sunbathe. All within minutes of Pacific Shores.

Newport is also home to our famous Bayfront Street, on the bayside of town and our Nye Beach district on the Pacific Ocean side, both full of shops and restaurants serving guests year-round. Shopping, fresh seafood and historic taverns are just the beginning as you enjoy a day exploring our town. In addition, the Port of Newport offers several docks open to the public to walk among the commercial fishing vessels as they bring in the catch of the day. Many days you’ll find fishermen selling fresh seafood right off their boats.

Known as the Dungeness Crab capital of the West Coast, in Newport you’ll find no shortage of crab caught daily and served fresh in many of our incredible restaurants. Dungeness offers a sweet, yet subtle flavor making it one of the world’s most sought after crab. This popular shellfish can be served many ways, and in Newport you’ll experience several of them. Get your bibs ready!

Our restaurants are some of the best on the entire Pacific coast. Local Ocean Seafood, known for their fresh daily catches of Tuna, King Salmon, Crab and Halibut offer a gourmet level meal in a casual setting while overlooking the boats on Dock 5. Or maybe a short stroll down the Bayfront to Clearwater Restaurant & Bar, offering a wide variety menu overlooking the Sea Lion docks. Both offer open air seating as well as indoor.

Let’s not stop there, Newport is home to Mo’s Seafood & Chowder, offering their world-famous clam chowder, also Georgie’s Beachside Grill overlooking the Pacific Ocean offers a diverse menu that’s certain to please all. Many other wonderful dining options are available year round for your enjoyment right here in Newport.

Any visit to Newport would not be complete without seeing our famous attractions. The Newport Aquarium is a must, inside you’ll experience a plethora of aquatic history, including the Aquarium’s “Passage of the Deep”, an exhibit that allows visitors to literally immerse themselves in the ocean realm that exists right off the Oregon coast.

Just minutes away at the base of our famous Yaquina Bay bridge your find the World headquarters for Rogue Brewery. Founded right here in 1988, Rogue is one of the true grandfathers of craft style beers which is now sold worldwide, and every bottle and can is produced right here in Newport. Enjoy a tour of the plant, or maybe grab lunch and do some tasting at one of Rogue’s restaurants, one in the plant and another on Bayfront Street.

If you need more, plan a tour on a NOAA ship or at the famous Yaquina Bay lighthouse (reservations required). Newport is also home to one of the newest and biggest Ripley’s “Believe It or Not” attractions as well. There’s something for everybody in this quaint seaside town!

Our beaches are some of the most breathtaking on the entire Pacific coast! Photographers from all over the world have traveled to Oregon to capture our picturesque beaches. Formations of rocks climbing out of the surf and our famous Yaquina Bay lighthouse combined with common sightings of Whales and Sea Lions makes our coastline a place like no other.

Grab your cameras and pack a lunch as you enjoy a day traveling these incredible sights, just be sure to make it back to the Resort in time for our spectacular sunsets!